Parent Testimonials

“NCPS has been a tremendous asset for my wife, myself and our son. Their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm for helping my son is remarkable. While it is hard to reach perfections when dealing with special needs children, NCPS does the very best they can.

NCPS has always made the entire family feel welcome at their school. What places NCPS apart from the rest is their support for our son did not stop the day he graduated. Ms. Johnson and the faculty have been there for us every time we needed them. Any document, any advice, guidance, or just a word of encouragement, Ms. Johnson has always been there. We deeply appreciate Ms. Johnson’s patience and kindness and going the extra mile.”

Hernan & Celia C.

“Our daughter attended NCPS for five years. During those years she was able to achieve her full potential. The transformation was startling! The teachers and staff were warm and caring. They demonstrated a great amount of flexibility in meeting our daughter’s needs. When dealing with problems, the staff looked for long term solutions. They wanted students to be productive citizens in the community”.

Randy & Teresa P.

“As a sister, it was a relief to know there was a group of people who were willing to endure the unknown with our family. NCPS was consistently adaptive and innovative, making it possible for my sister to grow in her own, unique way. Their efforts continue to improve the lives of students and entire families, making the future a little brighter every day”.

Mariko P.

“I really can’t say enough good things about this school! A caring staff, all of whom go out of their way to help a student succeed! Ms. Johnson, the Principal, is the best and knows each child, their needs & strengths, making this program the one that works for each student. A truly positive environment, my son was a student for 4 years and because of the foundation laid at NCPS, he is going forward with confidence!”

Sharon O.

“We’ve been very happy with NCPS. Our son qualifies as both a gifted student (very high IQ) and as a special ed. student (dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD). At public school he was failing miserably. After spinning our wheels in a traditional school setting, we tried NCPS and have been thrilled. The small class sizes and structured learning environment fit the bill for our son. The teachers are supportive and encouraging .. our kid is actually gaining some of the self-esteem that he lost in the public schools.”

Gen M.


Student Testimonials

“I graduated from NCPS and stop by every year to tell the staff they were right! I was not the easiest student and always threatened to quit, but the staff never gave up on me. I am in college now and living on my own. I am doing good, but life is challenging. The staff tell you the truth at NCPS and as teens we don’t want to hear the truth. Now I am an adult, I want to say thank you to all of the staff at NCPS. They definitely care about you. The Principal is firm but fair, now I understand the reasons why. If you are looking to put your son or daughter in this school, I would tell you it would be a good choice. I learned life lessons in this school besides just the usual subjects. To this day I stop by and see the staff, they are like my other family. Thank you NCPS! I am your biggest fan!”

Mike B.

“NCPS has made me the man I am today. I don’t know where I would have been without them. I want to thank all of the staff for their support and the patience they showed me. I want to thank the Principal for always showing us respect and always wanting the best for her students. I enjoyed every second I was at NCPS. I always thought school was the worst experience but this school has changed my prospective on schools and made me realize how much education is important and how that without education, I would have a difficult life. Thank you for the reality check!”

Robert S.

“My overall experience while attending NCPS has been nothing but a positive journey that provided me with a positive outlook for my foreseeable future. My teachers at the school gave me the help I needed especially in certain subjects. I was always treated with respect and dignity and I was able to get along well with my fellow students. Ms. Johnson and my teachers kept me motivated and well adjusted for my next course in life.”

Max C.

“I went to NCPS in 2010. It has always been hard for me to make friends, but within a couple of weeks I had some friends. They have different events like Friday School Wide, PE, jobs and other activities to help make friends. My first job was at NCPS helping in the kitchen. I learned how to make food and serve food. Then I trained others in the kitchen, what I learned I passed on to them. During my years at NCPS, I also learned to have fun with friends and to socialize with others and also learn new things. It is great to look back, I see how much NCPS helped me to be social and to be the person I am today. So if anyone is reading this, NCPS is the place to come to learn new things and the best place to meet people and make friends.”

Matt C.