Our Academic Commitment

NCPS has created a nurturing, small, structured and therapeutic environment to provide high levels of personal attention to each student. NCPS maintains small class sizes, with a target ration of no more than 6:1, ensuring each student receives all of the academic and social support they need to academically be successful. The overall size of the school is kept small to build a strong sense of community and to ensure appropriate supervision to encourage and develop caring relationships among students and staff.

“Best practice” Instruction

The NCPS staff are outstanding educators who are passionate about working with our unique student population. They are highly motivated and caring professionals with the best interest of the students in mind at all times. At NCPS, we seek to implement “best practice” instructional methods including social skills strategies, organizational strategies, time-management strategies and curriculum adaptations based on each individual student’s needs. All teachers receive continual extensive training in instructional methods that allow students to fully access challenging academic materials and the social skills that they require to be successful in life.

Learning Environment

NCPS believes that a nurturing, supportive and creative learning environment is important to the academic and social growth of our students. We seek to foster creativity and self-esteem in all of our students. Therefore we incorporate art, music and drama into the culture of our program. Despite our small size, our goal is to include a wide variety of enrichment opportunities and activities that provide students with an appreciation for the arts while inspiring them to gain the self-assurance that promotes self-confidence.