Therapeutic Services

When students experience mental health problems, they often struggle to attend school, have difficulty focusing on or completing academic assignments and have more frequent conflicts with peers and adults.  Because of the important interplay between emotional health and school success, NCPS is invested in utilizing therapeutic services to assist students in overcoming limitations.

The Northern California Preparatory School has created a nurturing and therapeutic school environment for our student population that struggles with non-violent or aggressive emotional disabilities. Each student with mental health services on their IEP is paired with a therapist whom they meet individually two times a month. During these sessions, students can address dysfunctional thoughts, emotional dysregulation and behavioral issues that interfere with and negatively impact academic success. Students are able to express their problems and concerns, as well as learn appropriate, positive coping skills and emotional regulation.

Additionally students may participate in group therapy sessions if they are experiencing difficulties in the areas of: anger management, anxiety and depression. Other groups may be developed as needed by the current student population.

NCPS also offers:

  • Family Therapy
  • Sibling Therapy
  • Parent Guidance & Training
  • Medication Management Education


All therapeutic services are provided by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.