All curriculum is based on the California State Frameworks, as well as themes and concepts that encourage and challenge students to apply their knowledge to the “real world”. All students will be challenged with higher learning expectations by utilizing “higher order thinking skills” across the board in all subject areas. All curriculum is presented to have an emphasis and correlation in daily and practical application.

NCPS utilizes the same textbooks and curriculum from the local school districts to insure that students returning to public school will have the same advantage as the students currently attending their home schools. All courses and credits received at NCPS are totally transferable when transitioning back to public school.

All subjects are taught in small labs utilizing direct teacher instruction, classroom discussion, hands-on activities and individual practice. Students are placed into labs according to their ability levels. Students will have six (6) labs per day. Class size will not exceed 12 students per classroom with a teacher and an assistant per lab. All students within a lab are all at the same academic ability level. Although the ages of the students may vary, the labs are designed for the student to succeed based on their abilities. NCPS does have remedial courses as well as Advanced Courses. All levels of students will find their curriculum to be challenging in all aspects. The NCPS student is expected to complete homework assignments on a daily basis.