Positive Behavior Services

Northern California Preparatory School’s behavior system is designed to encourage and reward appropriate behavior choices by providing students with feedback in a positive and reinforcing manner. The purpose of the positive behavioral program is to encourage our students to be successful in life by learning behaviors that assist them in learning to be independent, learn responsibility and accountability skills while developing self-worth and acceptability.

The NCPS positive behavioral program is a structured, predictable system of rewards that is based on each student’s behavioral response to the learning environment. Our overall goal is to help students develop cause and effect thinking. The NCPS program creates a predictable environment for students while teaching them that rewards and consequences are a result of their individual choices.

We recognize that each of our students presents with different strengths, challenges and needs. Students are given prompts, reminders and opportunities to use appropriate behaviors or learn new behaviors that will help them be successful. Resolution is the key to success within our behavioral program. Students must understand the need for their behavioral intervention and then be willing to make the adjustment. Through consistent interventions, students are able to understand and generalize their behaviors to more socially appropriate and acceptable behaviors.

The emphasis of our behavior program is to teach students coping skills, problem solving skills and positive choice making skills. Staff strive to acknowledge and reinforce the positive behaviors of our students to develop success not only in the school environment, but also in all aspects of their lives.