Social Skills Groups

With each passing year, the demand for more social skills from teens is expected. Teens are confronted with a variety of peer pressures, the desire to date, get jobs or just to socialize in general.

Social anxiety is common in all teens, not just teens on the autism spectrum. This can cause anxiety and shyness and eventually lead to isolation and depression if an intervention is not implemented.

NCPS incorporates several different opportunities to assist students who may be struggling with their social skills. During unstructured times, students may participate in Breakfast Club or Lunch Bunch where emphasis is placed on conversational skills, understanding reciprocal friendships and learning how to compromise and cooperate with others around you while enhancing self-worth and confidence by participating in fun activities. At the end of each quarter, participants will be rewarded with an off campus social activity.

NCPS also has a variety of Social Skills groups that consists of structured activities focusing on learning the skills of non-verbal behaviors. Topics include: public behavior, peer pressure, conversational skills, patience, friendships, bullying and teasing, dating, and other topics pertaining to creating success in daily situations. As part of the Friday curriculum, all NCPS students will participate in Social Development Scenarios developed by the BCBA and therapist to help enhance socials skills, problem solving skills and coping skills.