Mental Health Program

NCPS has earned its reputation in the educational community as well as the Mental Health community and is now considered the “Mental Health Day Treatment Program” for non-aggressive students within the non-public school setting. Over the past 20 years, NCPS has provided strong academic, therapeutic and developmental needs of our students. Individual therapy is a mandatory and vital component to our Mental Health program and the success of our students.

NCPS employs a preventative-maintenance program by focusing on each student individually and taking care of individual needs before a crisis can occur. Emphasis is placed on teaching students coping and problem solving skills, however, students must learn to apply these skills to determine a solution before they can prevent further crisis from occurring.

Philosophically, the program at NCPS is designed to address “the big picture”.  We realize that our students will only attend our program for a short period of time, but they must be prepared for the ultimate transition into adulthood. Our students are able to explore the balance between personal growth and real-world responsibilities. Our commitment is to provide an educational environment where students are motivated to increase academic performance, develop socially appropriate behaviors and establish a positive self-image.