(Nurturing Children’s Positive Social Skills)

Since many of the NCPS students struggle with social skills, coping skills and problem solving skills, NCPS has dedicate our Extended School Year to creating functional vocational courses that emphasize these skills. Most courses require teamwork or small group work or role-playing. Classes are usually less structured by design to help develop independence and leadership skills.


We are proud to list some of the courses we have created:

Catch a Clue: Focus – Non-verbal communication and development of social skills

Friend or Foe: Focus – Making and maintain friendships, learning to socialize and “fit-in”

Feudless Family: Focus - Learning to compromise, advocate and associate with family members

Creating Champions: Focus – Good sportsmanship, increase self-confidence and respect

Do You Have a Problem?? : Focus – Identifying a problem, problem solving and resolving problems

Destination Organization: Focus – Create daily routines, learn to organize all aspects of your life

Smart Shoppers: Focus – Learn prices of daily items, comparison shopping, money skills

Budget Crashers: Focus – Learn to budget money, learn wants vs. needs, learn the value of money

News Clues: Focus – Learn problem solving skills by examining current events

Colonization: Focus – Working together as a team to create all aspects of a colony

Food Detectives: Focus – Learn to read ingredients and make healthy choices. Prepare simple meals

Travelmania: Focus – Learn all essentials to traveling; planning, packing, traveling expectations

MapQuest: Focus – Learning to independently follow written and verbal directions.

The Art of Improv: Focus – Fun way to develop problem solving skills while creating self-confidence

Extended School Year can be a great way for students to be introduced to the NCPS program. Many new students have previously had poor experiences with school, but through the conventions of the social interaction of the Camp NCPS curriculum, students discover that their journey from unhappiness turns quickly to curiosity which usually leads from isolation to connection.

* NCPS also includes credit recovery courses during our Extended School Year to help students who are credit deficient.