Independent Living Services Program

The NCPS Independent Living Services Program (ILS Program) was designed for young adults who have difficulties navigating through the daily expectations in life independently. Students will learn pre-vocational skills such as following directions, developing a sense of responsibility and learning basic self-advocacy skills. Then students start applying these skills to more complex vocational experiences such as money management, technology skills, culinary skills, laundry, daily living skills and functional vocational skills.

As the student become more independent they will participate in Community Based Instruction where they will continue these learned skills and apply them in a community setting. These include grocery shopping, post office skills, navigating local department stores and local shopping malls, making purchases independently and learning to “count your change”. The final progression will be volunteering at local businesses to gain quality work experiences.

The ILS Program also focuses on social skills and self-advocacy. Students will reinforce their learned skills by independently reading a menu and place their order at local restaurants, using Customer Service at local retail stores, request assistance at local library, etc. We have discovered that students develop their self-esteem and a sense of achievement as they master each new skill level. Our ultimate goal is for students to gain real-world experience while being supervised by professionals who have their best interest in mind.

Transitioning Into Adulthood

Throughout the ILS Program students are creating and implementing strong transition plans that are student-centered with parental involvement. Students will identify their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and learn which careers they are best suited for. As the student enters the final stages for completion of the ILS Program, NCPS will assist with continuing their education at community college or vocational schools, programs provided by Alta Regional Services or Department of Rehabilitation, or entering into the work force. NCPS will assist to make the transition into adulthood a smooth experience.