About Us - NCPS was established in 1993

NCPS has earned a reputation as a positive approach behavioral program with a strong academic component. Developing a program where students are accepted for their individuality has always been a top priority at NCPS. It is important to maintain a “Bully-Free” environment so students can achieve their maximum potential to learn academics, self-advocacy and social/emotional development.
To help develop appropriate social skills, students are positively reinforced through a point system for displaying successful academic and social behavior. Once points are earned, they are not taken away. Our commitment is to provide an educational environment where students are motivated to increase academic performance, develop socially appropriate behaviors and establish a positive self-image.
Through working with our motivated and enthusiastic staff, students learn coping skills, problems solving skills, and social skills while developing the necessary self-esteem to be successful in life. This results in our students transitioning successfully into public school, higher education or the work force.