Coming Up in February

Hello, and Happy New Year to all!

Now that the Spring Semester has begun we have added new Electives classes and Clubs.  Students began participating in these classes last week and seem to be enjoying them so far.  This semester's Electives include technology, 3D Art, Travel and Culture, Home Economics, Spanish, and Sign Language.  Clubs this semester include CSI, Art Club, Fashion Club, Games Club, and Geek Club.  We think it's going to be a very creative spring!

A few updates about what's happening at NCPS in February:

1. We have two Monday holidays coming up: Monday, February 13 and Monday, February 20.  Enjoy a little extra rest!

2. Valentine's Day: We know students often enjoy this holiday, but as a reminder NCPS has a no gift giving policy.  This policy also applies to valentines.  We ask that your students not bring cards, candy, or valentines to their friends at school.  Thank you for your help with this!

3. Our next Spirit Day will be Friday, February 24th.  The theme of this Spirit Day will be Hawaiian Day!  Bring on the hula skirts, leis, and Hawaiian shirts!  As always, we hope your student comes dressed up to represent their NCPS school spirit and have a little fun!

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